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Section 1  Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction (PDF 482 KB) July 2013
Section 2  How the NH Method Works (PDF 917 KB)
Section 3 Using the NH Method (Directions) (PDF 805 KB) July 2013

Section 4

NH Method Data Sheets  (PDF 645 KB) July 2013

Excel Spreadsheet - electronic data entry (Excel 407 KB) July 2013

Section 5 Interpreting and Analyzing Results (PDF 3,330 KB)
Appendix A Wetland Resources and References (PDF 338 KB)
Appendix B  Instructions for Answering Questions Using the NH Wetlands Mapper  (PDF 432 KB)
Appendix C   Instructions for Answering Questions Using GIS (PDF 339 KB)
Appendix D  Wetland Soils Tables (NRCS data) for Function 10  (PDF 796 KB)
Appendix E 

Sample Application of the NH Method  (PDF 715 KB)

Sample Wetland Maps (12) (PDF 1,758 KB)

Appendix B Completed for Sample Wetland (PDF 458 KB)

Appendix F 

Cowardin System of Wetland Classification (1979) and the National Wetlands Inventory (PDF 963 KB)

Appendix G  Interpreting Topographic Maps and Drawing Watershed Boundaries (PDF 708 KB)
  Identifying Wetlands For Restoration Using the NH Method and NH Wetlands Mapper  (PDF 140 KB)
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